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Valerie Hale

Valerie Hale

Delightful, Demure Daredevil!
Bright, articulate and dignified just doesn't seem to fit the fact that Valerie made over 200 jumps from perfectly good airplanes before the age of 20. As an avid "sports parachutist", she claims there is absolutely no sensation of falling simply because there's no nearby stationary object by which to judge. Makes perfect sense, right? She hung up her parachute (too expensive) to focus on pursuing a degree in Advertising from the University of Texas where she never missed a football game… Hook 'Em Horns! From 1980 until 1984, when she took leave to start her family, Valerie was an account executive with the Snelson Agency, predecessor of the Hancock Group.

Carefree through she may be when it comes to recreation, she is unwavering in her devotion to being a practicing pescatarian (look it up). Valerie fearlessly enjoys creating and directing communication efforts for a variety of clients. She juggles everything from banks to retirement communities, from spas to churches and many other enterprises and organizations in between.

Abby Cobb

Kendra Leonard

There’s a reason why Kendra Leonard was voted “Friendliest Girl” at Midland High School for three years in a row and nothing has changed since she left MHS. Kendra’s bubbly personality and infectious laughter affect anyone near her. This should come as no surprise considering she has been trained as a Certified Laughter Yoga Instructor!

Laughing matters aside, Kendra brings professionalism and a true joy of working with people to the Hancock Group. Her work at senior care centers across the State of Texas imbued in her a genuine love of meeting new people and providing excellent customer service to everyone she meets. She has even contributed to the marketing team of one of our own clients, The Village at Manor Park, having served as a Marketing Representative there.

You might recognize this Red Raider from her musical performances across West Texas. Since 2008, Kendra has performed with numerous disco/funk bands, cover groups, as a duo with her talented brother, and she has performed on stage with her cousin, Harry Connick, Jr.!

Kendra enjoys raising her kids, singing, patios, great weather, and spending time "jeeping" with her husband of six years.

Joe Don Hancock

Joe Don Hancock (Our Founder)

Joe Don Hancock was a remarkable leader, mentor, and friend to many people over his 75 years. His leadership and engaging personality, both in and out of the office, made a lasting impression on all who had the pleasure of knowing him.

A dynamic writer, Joe Don began working in the advertising business at a young age. He cut his chops on a daily newspaper by selling copies on the street for a nickel – he got to keep three cents and, on a good day, he could take home more than 50 cents. He then took on the role as an intern at an advertising agency. He described those days as simpler times since advertising was newspaper or radio, radio or newspaper. The magic of television changed advertising forever. The Internet and social media have changed it forever, again.

After publishing his own community newspaper for 12 years, Joe Don discovered the "real world of advertising" lies in an advertising agency. The pinnacle of his profession, he said, is simply working for great clients by conceiving, creating, and producing great advertising so they can all make more friends and sell more stuff. After owning and running his own newspaper, selling ads for a national oil and gas magazine, and working for other advertising agencies, Joe Don purchased Snelson Advertising of Midland, Texas, in 1986, renaming it The Hancock Group.

Joe Don remained active in the agency and continued to work with clients, mentor new team members, and keep everyone laughing until he passed away in October 2015. The business continues under the name of The Hancock Group and strives to operate on the values and ethics established by our founder. We will never forget the man who started it all. He leaves a legacy of love, service, and hard work - qualities that we hope to live by every day.

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